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What Do We Do?

Our unique selection of exceptional adhesives, precision-engineered lubricants, bright paints, and cutting-edge waterproofing solutions will take your projects to the next level. We are not only in the business of selling things; we also provide a dedication to quality that elevates standard activities to the level of outstanding accomplishments. You can rely on us to be your reliable partner in innovation, making certain that every connection is solid, every surface shines with perfection, and every project is able to withstand the test of time.


Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond mere transactions, we foster robust communication, internally and with clients. We cultivate a culture of continuous communication to guarantee quality both now and in the future. Our dedication also includes ongoing training for staff members, supporting our goal of providing top-notch goods and enduring relationships.

Our Vision

Empowering Connections, Perfecting Solutions, Using Trade Syndicate to Navigate the Future. Our Vision is Clear – Delivering Superior Adhesives, Asian Paints, and Lubricants, Backed by Unwavering Quality and Seamless Communication. Committed to Excellence, Focused on Tomorrow.


History of Beginning

Mr. Deepak Israni lay the groundwork for our heritage in 1991 by starting a path of excellence. His continuous passion and unrelenting pursuit of quality serve as a tribute to this. As a result of our consistent growth, we are now a major distributor of innovative lubricants, superior adhesives, and vivid paints. Our success is a result of a combination of hard work, creativity, and a focus on the needs of the consumer, which has cemented our standing as an industry pioneer.